Lemonade Diet: What you’re Doing Wrong

by Staff on July 19, 2010

Are you on the lemonade diet for days now and you don’t see any effect at all? The fact is that the lemonade diet or what we call the Master Cleanse is one of the most effective diet types today. In fact, it has been used by various celebrities in order to lose weight fast. However, the catch is that the lemonade diet is very precise. Doing it wrong would usually mean getting no results at all. Hence, it is very important to follow every instruction to the letter. If you are currently on the diet and results are not forthcoming, here are some of the things you might be doing wrong.

Too Much Temptation

If you’re on a diet, the best thing to do is avoid temptation altogether. So if you’re constantly surrounded by unhealthy food, then you might want to put a little distance between yourself and temptation. As much as possible, avoid going to the canteen during lunch break or snacks. Hunger issues can be overcome as long as you give yourself time to think. Breathe in, breathe out, tell yourself it’s not worth it and drink your lemonade.

Wrong or Inadequate Information

When it comes to the lemonade diet, it’s not enough to read the recipe and do it. The regimen has many complication and instructions that you should first be aware of before doing. For example, it’s not really an advisable diet choice for people who are sick, especially without the supervision of a doctor. Articles are well and good, but you will have to read different ones to get the viewpoint of each author. Specifics like the ingredients, the dosage of each ingredient and the amount of glasses each day should be well researched. You might also want to find out the side effects of the method so you don’t get alarmed if you start to feel nauseous or headaches.

Doing it to Lose Weight

Again, the lemonade diet is carefully formulated for detoxifying purposes, with weight loss just a side effect. If you have weight loss in mind, then that’s ok too, but you would still need to follow the specific instructions given. This is because people who are in it for the weight loss usually extend the period for a few days more, thereby risking their health. If you want to lose more weight after the detoxifying period, then try for exercises since you will only have to lose a few more.

Lack of Willpower

Before going for the Master Cleanse diet, boost yourself up first so that you can be sure to stick for the whole ten days period. The regimen doesn’t work if you start skipping days because there are stages you should pass. Hence, if you’re on your second day, cheat on the third day and go on a diet again on the fourth, then the first two doesn’t count. Hence, you might first want to ask yourself if you can maintain the diet. Start only once you get a positive answer for the lemonade diet to work effectively.

Hunger Pangs

It’s normal to feel hunger during the first few days of the diet. After all, you are leaving behind solid food, something you have been accustomed to for all your life. If you are experiencing the urge to snack even before taking up the diet, then try talking to someone who can understand you. More often than not, hunger pangs are of the psychological nature rather than the physical. Also, it is recommended that you keep busy during the process. This is because once you get bored; the need to snack becomes prevalent.

Like most diets, the Master Cleanse is all about having the willpower and determination to stay on the diet. Hence, the main secret of losing pounds off your weight in a matter of days is having the determination to stay on it, without cheating, skipping days or changing the ingredients. In order to do this, learn to asses yourself prior to the diet. Acknowledge weaknesses that you think may detract from your success and fix it before starting the whole thing. Being well-planned and well-versed are your best strategies in order to get through the ten days of Master Cleanse, a few pounds lighter and a whole lot healthier.

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