Lemonade Diet – Health Issues

by Staff on July 19, 2010

The Master Cleanse diet or more popularly known as the lemonade diet has been proven time and again by hundreds of people, including celebrities. If you are thinking about getting into the bandwagon and are concerned of health issues, then read this article and find the answers to your questions.

The Purpose

First of all, the lemonade diet’s main purpose is to detoxify the body. Weight loss during the ten day period is only a side effect of the whole process. The purpose is to actually purge you of any harmful materials clogging the colon, pretty much like recharging the body to its full capacity. Of course, the lemonade diet may also be used for weight loss purposes. However, the tendency of people who want to lose weight is to extend the process to lose more calories. You see, the ten day process period of the lemonade diet is carefully planned to fully remove all bodily toxins and extending it would cause health risks. After ten days, the body would no longer have toxins to purge, which means feeding it with more lemonade is overkill, posing serious threats to your health.

Side Effects

Aside from weight loss, the lemonade diet also has other side effects that are not nearly as appealing. This includes headaches, vomiting, pimples, boils, nausea and weakness. Frequent urination should also be expected since the diet will consist mainly of liquid. These are not signs that your body doesn’t like the diet; rather it’s the body’s way of removing the toxins through as many ways as it can. Increased bowel movement should also be anticipated.

Other Food Consumption

Some instructions regarding the lemonade diet allow for vegetables and water to be consumed along with the lemonade. This can be done as long as the vegetables are raw, but aside from that, no other food types are allowed. Not even shakes, soda or other liquids are allowed. This is because flavored fluids still contain minerals that you are trying to avoid by not eating solid foods. Hence, water and the lemonade mix are the only things allowed since they are the only ones that provide enough energy while ensuring that the body still burns the stored fat.

Illness Concerns

If you are suffering from high or low blood pressure, diabetes or any other health concerns, then taking the Master Cleanse diet should first be consulted to a doctor. This is to ensure that you are not lacking from nutrients that you may need during the full ten days.

After the Diet

Ten days is the running time of the lemonade diet, and as mentioned above, any longer is considered unhealthy, especially when a doctor is not consulted. After the prescribed ten days, a person is encouraged to ease in into a solid food diet. However, this does not mean suddenly eating large quantities of food. Since the body is still getting used to a non-liquid diet, consumption must be kept moderate before slowly leveling up.

People who have undergone the diet report that they suddenly developed an affinity for healthy food since coming out of the Master Cleanse. On the other hand, others have had sudden cravings for sugary rations after being deprived of it for a week. Regardless, the lemonade diet managed to cleanse their body as well as make them lose weight.

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