Salt Water Flush

by admin on December 22, 2009

You may be thinking that the laxative is good enough to do the job of clearing out whatever that’s clogging inside your system. You are only partly right. Laxative cleans your colon but only that, or maybe, just part of it.

Like you shower everyday to clean dirt off your body, you can give your internal system a good cleansing bath as well, with the salt water flush! It clears out all the harmful toxins that have been keeping your body from functioning optimally. The salt water flush is better than other methods as it cleanses the whole digestive system if done properly.

You can easily achieve the salt water flush mixture by yourself at home in a short while. However make sure that you use sea salt and only that because your normal table salt is not going to work.

Now let’s do it…
Important: Before you actually do the salt water flush, skip a meal first! Usually people will skip dinner and then do a salt water flush in the morning, as soon as they get out of bed. You can also have a glass of laxative tea before you go to bed; the tea can soften any deposits stuck in your system, so that the salt water can work better the next day.

Here is the procedure:
1. Warm up 1 quart of water (It doesn’t matter whether it is distilled or ionized or not. It’s all going to be flushed out (not absorbed) by your body.)
2. Add 2 spoons of sea salt to the water and stir to dissolve.
3. Taste the water to make sure that it is very salty. If not, add more salt.
4. Pour the water into a glass.
5. Drink the water quickly.
6. In the meantime, rub your abdomen area and do not lie down. (This helps to soften any faecal matter.)
7. 15 mins to 2 hours later, you should be rushing to the toilet. It will feel like diarrhoea. (If you don’t, that means that you did not add enough salt. So next time try more!!

So the science behind this? The salted water is not metabolised or absorbed by your digestive system. It passes through your digestive system, and came out through your anus. It’s not absorbed because of gravity: The heaviness of salt water, due to the density of it, practically “pushes” through your entire body. (That’s why you should not lie down after you drink the salt water!)

So, the night before you start the Lemonade Diet, you drink the laxative tea. In the morning, you drink the salt water flush. Throughout the day, you drink 6 to 10 servings of the lemonade PLUS plain water whenever you feel like it. When evening comes, you drink the laxative tea again and another cycle follows. This flush will not do harm to your body as your body cannot become dependent on the salt water; it can become dependent on chemical laxatives in long term though.

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