by admin on December 22, 2009

The lime is a widely known fruit belonging to the citrus group, just as the lemon and orange. It is known to be a healthy fruit with great nutritional value. Lime is often mistaken as lemons because of the similarity in appearance, smell and taste. However, the lime is smaller, has a thinner and smoother skin, a sweeter smell, though containing lesser juice than the lemon.

Limes have many types but they are mainly classified into two groups: the sweet limes and the acid limes. The sweet limes have higher sugar content, thus it is more widely used for desserts. Acid or sour limes, on the contrary, have been used by the many difficult cultures all around the world for its medicinal value.

Its benefits…
Acid lime is an excellent source of citric acid, which is high in vitamins, minerals and natural sugars. It contains slightly more vitamin C than the lemon. The Vitamin C in lime improves the body’s defence mechanism against foreign pathogens, aid wounds recovery and prevent eyes diseases. Vitamin C also helps to maintain the health of teeth and bones. It prevents tooth decay and loosening, toothache, bone fragility and bleeding of gums. The lime juice is good for people who want to lose weight by sedating the nerves.

Lime is very beneficial in digestive disorder treatments. In the case of digestion, it acts as a powerful carminative. Lime juice is always used as remedy for relieving the burning in the chest caused by the high acidity of the stomach.

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